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Professional knowledge of deafness, special needs, and mental health is important. Sometimes it is covered in professional training, but may be superficial or easily forgotten.

Sometimes in your practice you come across situations that require more in-depth, specialised knowledge.

Professional supervision with a person who understands deafness, disability, special needs and mental health will help you unpack your beliefs, examine your values and encourage you to practise respectfully, holistically and safely.

People who call themselves Deaf (note the capital D), rather than ‘deaf’ or ‘hearing impaired’, hold to a cultural view of themselves, rather than having a medical or physical condition. They use NZSL (New Zealand Sign Language) as their native or natural language, embrace Deaf culture and belong to the Deaf community.

Using a qualified NZSL interpreter during consultations improves communication, but in order to provide a culturally safe service, there are many other things you need to know.

Celia is a member of the Deaf community and is fluent in NZSL. She is well-qualified professionally and culturally to provide supervision to professionals working with Deaf clients.

She also offers supervision to clinicians, community support workers, line managers, health professionals, educators, clergy and pastoral care workers.



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